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Women's Ski Gloves

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At Montec, you'll find warm, resistant and good-looking women's ski gloves available to you. You're certain to come across the perfect ski and snowboard gloves that will be able to withstand any challenges you throw at them.

Important characteristics

As impressive as Mother Nature can be, we also all understand how unpredictable she can be at any time. When you're riding down the slopes on the mountainside, you ought to be equipped with an outstanding pair of womens ski gloves. We all realise that you have certainly skied with wet and damp feet and fingers before, we recognise how distressing it is and just how effortlessly it could ruin your day. Water proofing, high breathability, insulating material, and fit are the key features you must be searching for while purchasing your next pair of ski gloves. Our ski and snowboard gloves have longer gauntlets that allow it to seal better than the short cuff design, which makes them perfect for using under your jacket's sleeve.

Choosing the perfect pair of gloves

To make sure your ski mitts or gloves don't get soaking wet, Montec's ski gloves have a waterproof and breathable membrane. The membrane enables the moisture caused by your overheated hands to evaporate, allowing your hands to remain dry and comfortable throughout your skiing session. Waterproof and breathable material keeps your hands warm and dry during your winter activities.

Depending on the type of activity you want to engage in, you choose the right equipment. Wrist leashes keep them from running away from you, and help you keep control of them when you take them off. Slip them on, and you're good to go! Whether in the back country or at the ski resorts, having the right technical snow gloves is an important accessory for enjoying your skiing sessions. From ski gloves with soft and stretchy linings, to a pair of mittens with high-tech synthetic insulating properties, so they're not just warm but they offer protection to your fingers from freezing too.

Colours and sizes collection

We offer ski and snowboarding mitts and winter gloves for women in different styles and colours. It's also important you select the right size, to ensure your fingers don't feel too tight or loose when wearing them. We have sizes ranging from XS to XL, so you'll be sure to find the perfect mitt or glove. Choose from a wide range of different colours including black, white, pink and even orange to match your style. Select your preferred ski glove size, type and model and protect from the cold during the new winter season.

Only the best women's snowboard and ski gloves at Montec online shop

You'll find a huge range of ski mittens and gloves for women at Montecwear online. Check out our latest additions and get ready for a great season on the mountain.