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Men's Ski Pants

Men's ski trousers from

Whether you're looking to buy downhill or freestyle men's ski pants, Montec has you covered this winter. Our mission is to provide a casual, yet high-quality product range, inclusive of innovative and functional ski gear that can handle any conditions, and adventures the outdoors have to throw at us. Our range includes lightweight legwear options, ideal for dynamic movements and agility on the slopes.

Qualities of the best ski trousers

If you're a downhill skier, you'll probably want to choose hardshell insulated pants. But, if you're an enthusiastic backcountry skier, you might want to consider the equipment options we provide, including a pair of insulated pants when you ski and adventure in the backcountry. They provide better mobility and insulation than regular hard shells, which makes them ideal for cold-weather activities. The stretch fabric enhances comfort and flexibility, allowing for a full range of motion.

Ideal waterproofness and breathability ratings

Most ski pants these days have a waterproof rating range between 5000 mm to 20,000 mm. The higher the rating, the better it'll be for avid ski and backcountry enthusiasts. Whether a pro or a novice, your pants should always have a good waterproof rating, to protect you from getting wet during your day on the slopes. For those interested in powder snow, having the right gear becomes even more important.

All-day skiing can be extremely physically challenging, and that's when the importance of a very breathable pair of technical waterproof trousers becomes apparent. If you do a great deal of high-intensity sessions, you're probably going to get sweaty no matter the conditions or how chilly it is. Having excellent breathable ski trousers ensures that you'll be able to expel unwanted heat and keep yourself cool, comfortable, and dried out during your ride. Zipper vents are additionally a crucial element if you require additional airflow.

In our online shop, you'll find a vast selection of high-grade models at Montec, and you shouldn't ever compromise function for style. By creating durable and practical models, Montec has created functional and stylish ski trousers that provide protection from the elements and will last a lifetime. Choose your favourite pant or bib to complement the remainder of your kit and prepare yourself for the winter season.

Plenty of models to choose from

Montec's products marry fashion and functionality to provide you with the very best pair of ski pants. We offer our products with different features depending on their design, such as pockets to hold your essentials, salopettes with a front pocket for additional space, and with mesh zippers for that extra breathability during intense sessions on the mountain.

Colour range and sizes for men

With Montec's ski collection, whether you're going backcountry for some fresh air and sunshine, or staying within a ski resort to play on the slopes, you'll be able to get the best out of your experience no matter where you're heading with different high tech specs, fits, colours and warmth provided. Our pants and salopettes for winter sports come in a wide variety of styles and size ranges so you can easily pick the right one for whatever conditions you might face during your trip.

Check Montec's new ski pant collection

Visit our online store and check out our selection of high-end gear and accessories with quality specs, styles, designs and fits. Browse the newest arrivals and pick up the perfect pair of ski pants for your next adventure.