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Men's Ski Gloves

See all the popular ski gloves and mittens for men at Montec

Montec offers a large collection of warm, functional and stylish ski gloves for men for you to choose from, so you're sure to be able to pick the right pair for whatever challenge you might face. See all the men's gloves and mittens in our online shop and find your favourites for your mountain adventures.

An essential part of your ski equipment

You need to be prepared for anything when you're in the mountains, whether you're backcountry skiing or cruising on the groomed slopes. If you're not wearing a good quality pair of ski gloves, you'll quickly end up with cold hands, and that's no fun.

We've all experienced cold, damp fingers when we ski, and we all know just how uncomfortable they are. That's why it's important to wear a pair of warm, waterproof and breathable gloves, that will offer protection from the cold and keep you on the slopes for longer.


You can choose between skiing gloves, and there's no right choice here: there are pros and cons to both options. Some of Montec's models have longer cuffs, allowing them to seal better against cold air and since your fingers are all in one compartment, it's slightly easier to keep your fingers warm. On the flip side, you have more dexterity with 5-finger gloves, since you can move them independently of each other, which is practical for adjusting your gear on the go without taking your gloves off.

Waterproof and breathable materials for winter sports

Montec's men's models feature a waterproof and breathable membrane which allows the moisture from sweaty hands to escape so they don't get wet from the inside when you're being active and giving your all. Meanwhile, the outer fabric is water repellent and the membrane doesn't let any moisture or wind enter the glove, so you stay comfortable and dry, even when you're wearing them for long periods.

An insulated ski glove is one of the most important bits of equipment for skiing, which will keep your hands warm and prevent them from becoming cold. When choosing which type of glove to buy, just make sure that they're waterproof, warm, breathable, and insulated. Some types of mitts are also compatible with liners for added warmth.

All of our ski and snowboard gloves come with reinforced palms, for ultimate durability and increased grip. You will also find useful features such as wrist leashes, so you don't lose them, and velcro closures so you can customise them to fit your preferences. Slip them on, and you’re ready for anything this winter season! And if you're searching for a lightweight model to wear underneath your ski mitt as a second layer, we also have such models available. Skiing enthusiasts have varying tastes and that's why it's important to discover the pair that best fits your requirements.

Wide variety of colours and sizes for men

Montec's collection of ski gloves comes in a wide selection of styles, colours and sizes. You can choose a pair that matches the rest of your gear or choose a contrasting colour to create a unique look. If you're in doubt about which model or size is best for you, our super-friendly customer experience team is here to help, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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At Montecwear, we offer a wide variety of ski equipment including mitts and gloves for men. We're proud to provide our customers with fast, reliable service and free shipping and returns on all orders. So check out our popular collection of mitts and gloves and choose your favourite today!