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Men's Ski Masks

High-quality ski masks for men from Montec

When you're out skiing and the temperature dips below zero, you'll be glad you brought a ski mask to keep the biting winds and the ice-cold snow off your face. Montec's collection of men's neck warmers and ski masks will keep you cosy and comfortable, so you can enjoy full days on the mountain, regardless of the weather.

Key features of an excellent ski mask

An excellent ski mask should be moisture-wicking, windproof, breathable, and lightweight, keeping your neck, ears and lower face warm and dry without being too tight. The mask is also in direct contact with your skin, so the inside of the material must be soft and comfortable. These are the key features that Montec has prioritised when designing our functional and stylish ski masks and neck warmers for men.

Neck warmer, balaclava or ski mask - what style is best?

Deciding if you should go for a ski mask, a neck warmer or a balaclava depends on the conditions, your personal preference and the type of skiing you enjoy doing. A neck warmer will keep the chill off your neck and some models can also be pulled up to cover your chin. If you want to cover your nose and mouth, you're better off with a ski mask with breathing holes in the design, so your airflow is not restricted. If you're out in rough conditions and deep powder, a full balaclava can be a good option, but you can also combine a beanie with a face mask to get a similar effect that's more versatile to use in varying conditions.

Why are ski masks for men so important?

Most ski trips take place in the mountains, and at high elevations, the air is thinner than at sea level, and the air is colder. This means that even on warm days, the wind is chilly and when you're heading down the slope at full speed, the wind chill factor means that you can get really cold even if it's not snowing outside. So to stay warm while you're skiing, you need a protective layer to keep the chill from the sensitive skin of your face and neck, where you would otherwise lose a lot of heat.

High-quality materials

Our ski mask collection includes water and wind-resistant options, so you can be comfortable even if you're out in wet, snowy conditions. Montec offers neck warmers and masks in a variety of styles and materials, including knitted materials and soft, recycled fleece. All the masks are comfortable and super stretchy, so they will remain snugly in place without being too tight.

Lots of colours to choose from

Montec offers an array of stylish colours in our men's selection, so you can find the perfect ski mask that compliments the rest of your ski gear. Our available colour options include black, white, grey, blue, green, pink, red, orange, and a whole bunch of other colours, so you can create a unique look and stand out on the slopes.

Find the best ski gear for men at

The crew at Montec are specialists in ski gear and provide a great selection of neck warmers and ski masks to choose from. With our broad selection of colours and styles to choose from, free delivery and free returns on all orders, there's no reason to wait! Get your new gear today and be ready for your next ski trip.