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Women's Ski Goggles

Get ski goggles for women from Montec UK

Looking for new women's ski and snowboard goggles that can withstand all your winter sports adventures? Here at Montec, we offer exactly that! Whether you're facing down a blizzard or just enjoying an afternoon ride, Montec's women's goggles have you perfectly protected. With UVB and UVA protection and interchangeable lens options, your eyes stay safe and you'll discover the joy of being ready for any adventure.

Best qualities

High-quality ski goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment for skiing. They help keep you safe by protecting your face from snow, wind, sun, and other dangers out in the backcountry and improve your vision so you can see where you want to go. When choosing a pair from a sports store, always check out the technical quality of the padding and ventilation to keep them from fogging up during the day.

Also, be sure to choose ski goggles with interchangeable lens systems for long-lasting durability and easy switching when lighting conditions change. We have equipped Montec's ski goggles with cylindrical lenses. Compared to spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses offer a lower profile look and allow a wide field of view. Our skiing goggles for women come with six different lens colours making them extremely versatile and they’ll tackle any weather condition.

Skiing goggles and technology

With our snow goggles, you don't need to worry about fogging up your lenses even on sunny or warm days. They're equipped with a triple-layered/triple-density foam, anti-scratch lens coating, adjustable straps, quickly interchangeable lenses, a highly flexible (TPU) frame, and integrated ventilation, so you can enjoy your days on the mountain and activities without worrying about fogging up your ski goggles. Grab a pair of your liking, get your skis, and head to the mountains!

Styles, sizes and colours

Montec's ski goggle models come in one size to fit all faces. Snow goggles come in white and black frames and six different colours of lens options, and you can easily change them according to the weather conditions. Discover the style and colour to suit your needs and get the best field of view for this season.

VLT for goggles

When shopping for new ski goggles, you must have come across the abbreviation VLT. VLT stands for visible light transmission and the lower the number the less light the lens will let through. These lenses are specially made for bright light conditions and sunny days. On the contrary, the higher the number is, the more light lenses will let through making them ideal for low light conditions and for example cloudy or overcast days. Make sure to read our technical lens guide and contact our amazing team in case you need any help in choosing the perfect lens!

Check the newest collection from Montec

We carry a wide variety of ski and snowboard goggles for women so you can choose one that matches your helmet and the remainder of your ski gear. Shop conveniently and safely at our Montec store and you’ll be happy to know that shipping and returns are always free. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or chat if you have any questions!