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Men's Ski Jackets

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Are you looking for exceptional men's ski jackets? If so, you came to the right place. Our mission at Montec is to provide top-notch outdoor clothing and essential skiing equipment that can stand up to whatever the weather brings your way. We offer a wide variety that feature innovative design and superior materials, ensuring your gear provides you with the utmost comfort and protection, regardless of the conditions you encounter on the mountain.

Different styles and functionalities of the perfect men's ski jacket

Montec continuously creates winter products with the help of its large dedicated group of winter activity enthusiasts around the world. We believe that a good men's ski jacket must be waterproof and breathable, have taped seams, a high collar to prevent cold air from entering through the neck, long sleeves, snow cuffs, proper air vents and a large adjustable hood. Our product line ranges from hardshell to softshell jackets, offering a variety of ski apparel for men. Explore our new men's collection now through our safe and convenient online store.

Extra details

Montec offers a wide range of stylish coats and winter sportswear. From hardshell to softshell, our products boast various properties and functionalities to match your demands. If you're looking for equipment with waterproofness, breathability, insulation, lightweight lining, extra pockets and ventilated zip, we've got what you're looking for. Each product incorporates advanced technology to enhance your skiing experience.

Waterproofness and breathability: fabrics and types of membranes

We understand the importance of a waterproof, breathable ski coat. It needs to keep the snow and wind out while allowing the heat generated by your intense activity to escape. Our hardshell jackets, part of our comprehensive ski gear, range from 20,000 to 30,000 millimetres (or mils). They allow you to withstand any weather conditions Mother Nature dishes out while on the slopes. These products provide some degree of insulation and protect you from the elements, emphasising the importance of staying dry on the slopes.

Finding a ski jacket with good waterproof ratings is essential if you're planning on investing in this activity. You need a product that won't allow water to seep into the fabric and cause discomfort. Look for models featuring active membranes to keep sweat out. Models made from high-stretch materials are preferable, ensuring a comfortable fit without being too tight. The right size is crucial for both comfort and performance.

Our hardshell jackets for men run between 20,000g - 25,000g, and our softshell jackets are rated at 10,000g - 15,000g. Crafted from high-grade materials, these durable products are certain to keep you warm in all weather conditions.

Models for men and features

With many different styles and models available, you don't need to sacrifice style for function anymore. Montec men's Collection includes everything you could possibly want in a jacket; including hardshell, mid-layers, and softshells, as well as insulated and non-insulated models. For maximum freedom of movement while skiing, we offer casual regular cuts and stretchy fabrics. If you desire a windproof and waterproof ski jacket, whether a full zip one or an anorak, you'll find the perfect piece of gear for your winter activities at Montec.

Colours and sizes for everyone

Montec's sizes range from XS to XXL and offer a wide variety of bright, colourful styles to match any outfit. Do you want to check out the latest releases from our new ski jackets line? With us, you'll find a vast colour range, from classic black, navy, green, red, and sand colours, to patterns such as camo and more.

When choosing a ski jacket, consider the frequency and conditions of your ski activity. For regular skiers, opt for one with less insulation and layer up if necessary. If you're more laid back on the slopes, a men's softshell ski jacket or an anorak might be a great choice, providing a trendy look without compromising on essential protection. Ensure your ski jacket fits comfortably for unrestricted movement. Get ready to hit the slopes with Montec!