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Women's Ski Thermals

Get cosy women's ski base layers from Montec UK

Are you seeking top quality womens ski thermals for the winter? If that's the case you are in the right place. Here at Montec we want to offer the best possible ski gear for women that will help you stay warm and comfortable when out on the mountain. Montec's womens snowboard and ski base layers are equipped with incredible style and technical specs that make them perfect for everyday use on the slopes. Browse through our women's collection and find long sleeved options and comfy leggings and pick one that fits your style and budget.

Even though they are often overlooked, women's base layers should be just as important as any other piece of your ski gear. Their most important task is to wick away moisture and sweat from your skin, keeping you comfortable and adding extra warmth in cold temperatures when needed.

Functionality and technical aspects

When buying a new ski base layer, you need to mostly consider three different things: how comfortable they feel against your skin, how well it draws extra moisture and sweat off your skin and quick drying properties, and of course as an extra - the style. Regardless of whether you're skiing, snowboarding on piste or in the backcountry somewhere in the mountains, the best ski underwear should keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intense activities.

Breathable and durable materials for skiing

A high-quality women's baselayer is breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties and plays an important role in keeping you dry and comfortable. It absorbs and evaporates the sweat from your skin, leaving you comfortable.

It's important that the material is soft against the body, stretches well and moves with you so that nothing restricts you when skiing. The best fitting baselayer models from the women's collection ensure the most comfortable wear all day long. Baselayer garments help retain heat by keeping your body warm and dry. They're especially handy during colder weather because they allow your body to stay warmer longer. Choose from a variety of thermal leggings and shirts, created to ensure the maximum protection for winter sports.

Sizes and fits for women

At Montec we offer sizes from xxs to large, and our selection boasts simple colours such as black and light grey to vibrant design and pattern options such as the Arctic Camo and Komber Gold. You can be sure to find the style and fit of your liking.

Our base layers are made to suit all skiers from beginners to experienced and all winter activities from the slopes to backcountry. Their thick material made of polyester and spandex offer the ultimate freedom of movement, warmth and comfort for cold winter days. Choose your favourite design, size, colour, combine your set with the rest of your ski equipment and get ready for the season.

Explore the latest collection of ski thermals from Montecwear online shop

Check out our latest arrivals, newest styles and patterns from the women's collections of base layers. We've got thermal tops and bottoms made from high performing materials offering functionality and ultimate style, so pick your favourite today and stay comfy throughout your winter adventures!