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Women's Ski Jackets

Get the perfect women's ski jacket from Montec

We understand the necessity of staying warm in the frosty mountain terrains, so we’ve developed a select collection of insulated ski jackets for women. These are meticulously designed to safeguard against the frigid weather and any unexpected challenges winter may throw at you. Whether engaged in regular sports or casually cruising down the slopes, these ski jackets ensure enduring performance.

Characteristics of a quality jacket

Montec, with its extensive experience, has collaborated with a diverse community of winter sports enthusiasts to engineer winter attire that resonates with the needs of our valued customers. They emphasise the importance of a ski jacket that not only preserves warmth but also maintains superior waterproofing and breathability, has a protective hood, extended sleeves, a wind-resistant collar, quick-cool ventilation zippers, and an integral powder skirt with elasticated sleeves.

Integrating this invaluable feedback, we've fine-tuned our ski jackets to epitomise these characteristics and more, providing a spectrum of options from hardshell to softshell depending on individual preferences and requirements. Whether relishing the groomed trails of a resort or venturing into the backcountry realms, Montec offers something to fit everyone's technical needs and preferences.

Waterproofing and breathability

The pivotal characteristic of any ski jacket is its waterproofness. Our collection offers paramount protection, ensuring you remain dry even when confronted with sudden downpours on the slopes. These jackets are designed to shield against external elements while simultaneously expelling excess heat, maintaining a comfortable internal environment.

Breathability stands as a crucial factor in selecting winter attire. Montec's collection accentuates the importance of a jacket that not only repels water but also maintains optimal internal air circulation, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable throughout your snowy adventures. Our jackets are integrated with a specialised membrane, allowing internal moisture to escape while preventing external water droplets from penetrating. Enhanced with additional insulation, these jackets deliver unparalleled warmth without compromising on bulkiness.

Seasoned skiers often seek jackets with breathability ratings between 10,000 and 20,000g. Montec’s range encompasses models with 20,000g, and our softshell variants usually have ratings between 10,000 to 15,000g, crafted from the finest materials, offering premium breathability.

Details and extras

Our versatile range allows you to choose between padded and non-insulated jackets, adapting to varying weather conditions and skiing intensities. We present a varied range inclusive of long designs with adjustable hoods, front zip varieties with customizable hoods, and collections boasting high-tech, functional features, and high-collar designs.

Colours, sizing and types

We host a diverse array of ski and snow jackets in sizes ranging from XXS to XL, showcasing a myriad of fits and vibrant colours such as black, grey, blue, green, pink, white and many more combos. Whether you’re undecided or seeking expert advice on your next jacket purchase, our team is available to guide you through your selection process to ensure the best fit for your winter escapades.

Explore our extensive selection to find the ideal insulated jacket, guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter season. Discover the latest models in our collection and shop with ease and convenience at Montec.