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Men's Ski Gloves

Get the warmest ski gloves for men from Montec

Montec has created a collection of ski gloves and mittens for men that caters to every situation. You'll find warm, water-resistant, and stylish mittens and gloves in various sizes. You're sure to be able to pick out the right pair that will stand up to whatever the day in the mountain holds. Shop a new pair of mittens to keep your hands warm this season conveniently from Montec's store.

Key features to consider

Everyone who's spent time in the mountains knows how unpredictably and quickly the weather can change. To ensure that your gloves or mittens remain dry, you need to be prepared for anything when you're out backcountry skiing or carving down the slopes. This is where ski gloves with the right equipment come in handy to keep your hands comfortable all day long even when a blizzard hits.

Every skier knows that one of the most uncomfortable feelings is having damp gloves and therefore cold hands. High-quality ski gloves and mitt models for men will keep moisture out, whilst letting excess heat out. When buying new ski mitts and gloves, remember to look for waterproofing, breathability, insulating properties, and fitting.

Technical membrane for waterproofing & breathability

Our men's models have a waterproof and breathable membrane which allows moisture created by overheated fingers to evaporate, ensuring that they stay dry. Yet, the outer material prevents snow and rain from entering the glove, guaranteeing your fingers remain comfortable. An insulated and waterproof glove is an essential accessory in your ski gear, allowing your hands to stay warm and simultaneously keep the water and snow out.

Functionality and design

Different types of skiing require different ski glove models. For touring and warmer sunny weather, a lightweight model and for the slopes, insulated men's mittens provide warmth. Remember to consider your ski style, and factors such as waterproofing, warmth, and breathability before purchasing new mitts or gloves.

Choosing between ski gloves and men's mittens

What's the main difference between Montec's gloves and mittens? Style and looks, yes, but Montec's men's mittens typically have a longer cuff design than gloves and gloves, on the other hand, offer more dexterity. Both options allow for maximum mobility, warmth, and comfort. Choose the look and design to suit your other ski gear and style!

All of our gloves for skiing and snowboarding offer reinforced palms, for maximum strength and protection. Wrist straps are available on Montec's ski glove models, and they come equipped with Velcro closure options so you can customise the fit. For those who prefer additional accessories, we also carry a range of gloves that are perfect for wearing underneath your mitten. Whether you're just starting or an advanced skier, these gloves and mitts provide all the protection you need. So what are you waiting for? Secure the perfect one from Montec.

Range of colours and sizes

If you're looking for a good pair of gloves for skiing, check out Montec's collection of gloves designed specifically for skiers. You can choose from various sizes, including extra-small, small, medium, and large, and different colour options such as black, white, green, and pink.

Get your hands on some top-notch skiing equipment and clothing from Montecwear. We offer a vast variety of high-end gear for skiers of every level and budget. You can order comfortably online, and we include free worldwide shipping and returns for every order. Get in touch if you have any questions!