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Men's Ski Base Layers

Cosy men's ski base layers from Montec

If you are looking for warm, cosy and high-quality base layers for men, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Montec, we aim to provide the best winter clothing for men to keep you covered in all weather you might encounter in the mountains. Our men's snowboard and ski base layers are designed to endure harsh winters and extreme temperatures when skiing and snowboarding on the slopes or in the backcountry. We carry the highest-grade materials and fabrics, ensuring that they'll last throughout the season. You can choose between thermal tops and bottoms to stay comfortable and dry no matter what the conditions are. Browse through our selection today and order the best base layer for your season adventures!

Qualities in base layers

If you're going to ski, then you need to wear proper clothing. When putting a ski outfit together, you should start with base layers, because they can make or break your day on the mountain. Thermal tops and bottoms are vital since they help regulate your body temperature.

When looking for base layers for skiing or snowboarding, there are ultimately three different functional characteristics to consider: moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, and the feel against your skin. Other aspects to consider are thickness, which affects warmth rating, material choices and durability.

Features for skiing & breathability

High-quality men's base layers have excellent moisture-wicking functions and play an important role in managing your body temperature and comfort. Regardless if you are touring in the backcountry, slashing powder off-piste and doing some easy laps in the park, you're always moving and generating heat. Quality men's base layers will be able to absorb that heat and generate sweat and let your skin stay dry and comfortable while on the move, ensuring you don't feel sweaty and damp. On the other hand, base layers offer extra warmth for colder days when the temperature drops.

Breathability is one of the key factors in ski clothing overall and base layers are no exception. Base layers should sit close to your skin to work the optimal way by drawing moisture away from your skin. Breathable models guarantee all-day comfort for long days on the slopes or in the backcountry.

Models & colours for winter sports

Whether you're an experienced skier or just starting out, a base layer comes equipped with numerous benefits and qualities for all. Our base layers are made of spandex and polyester blend, two synthetic materials that offer excellent durability, warmth and comfort for skiing. Choose a long-sleeved base layer and combine it with a matching pair of base layer pants to stay warm on colder days on the mountain or backcountry adventures.

We offer a variety of sizes from XXS to XXL so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit from the men's collection. To make sure you look stylish and cool, our selection carries different colours from black and green to red and too eye-catching prints.

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We offer an extensive range of high-quality men’s ski wear and base layers for all winter adventures. Browse through our latest collection of men and choose your favourites. Feel free to contact us in case any questions come up related to our products, or delivery or you just want to chat about the best off-piste destinations. Get ready for the mountains, see you there!