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Men's Snowboard Pants

Snowboard pants and bibs for men from Montecwear online shop

If you're in the market for a new pair of snowboard pants or bibs for men, Montec is the place to select. Our unwavering commitment to high-end product design and community-driven innovation has made us one of the most trusted snow brands in the industry. So whether you're shredding powder or keeping it casual around town, you'll be sporting some of the finest men's bib pants and classic models available.

A good pair of snowboard pants should, above all, keep you warm and dry. Our designs, with layers of insulated protection, ensure warmth and freedom of movement while maintaining comfort. Thanks to our snow pants' functional membranes, any excess warmth and sweat are channelled away from your body, ensuring you stay cool and dry in every situation.

Technical features and details of the best snowboard pants

We design our snow pants and bibs with an emphasis on comfort, so you don't feel restrained while you're riding. They feature waterproof shell technology that stops snow and water, offering you ultimate protection. The fabric is also breathable, allowing sweat and moisture to escape, which keeps you cool and comfortable on the mountain.

The most essential features for snowboard and winter sports

Our snowboard pants and bibs for men come loaded with handy features. They include zippered hems, ankle gaiters, knee shaping technology, reinforced flys, and suspenders compatible with most pant models, ensuring practicality and efficient layering of clothing.

Choose the right fit and size

For those looking to find the best fitting snow pants, Montec offers a wide variety of fits and sizes to choose from, including slim, mid-cut, and traditional baggy style. With men's sizes ranging from XS to XXL, you'll definitely find the exact pair you need for your snowboarding escapades, whether you prefer a tight or stretch fit.

Colour range available

We offer a variety of colours for the snowboard pants collection, including grey, black,, gold, sand, blue, yellow, green, old white and several combinations of these colours and patterns.Choose the combination that you prefer, match the rest of your gear and get ready a season on the slopes.

If you're looking to buy a bib pant or a classic cut, you have the option to order from a large assortment of styles and colours from our men's snowboard collection. For expert advice before your purchase, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our knowledgeable team will gladly spend time helping you find the right gear for your needs.