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Women's Ski Base Layers

Check out ski base layers for women at Montec

Are you looking for high-end base layers for women? At Montec, we know how important it is to stay comfortable during those cold days on the mountain, so we've put together a collection of top-notch women's base layers that will help you through the winter months. Whether you're hitting the slopes early in the morning or staying late into the night, you'll find something perfect for every day of the week. From classic styles to modern cuts, we have everything you need to make the most of your next powder day. Browse our full selection of women's apparel today and start planning your next trip to the mountains.

Essential layers for winter sports

Skiing and snowboarding baselayers aren't just for looks; they're there to keep you warm when temperatures drop. So don't overlook them, because they offer good breathability and insulation for when you are working at your hardest throughout the slopes to keep you warm and dry.

Functionality and style of our women's base layers

Ultimately, there are three main functions to consider when searching for the best baselayers: quick-dryness, moisturising capabilities, and feel against your skin. Regardless of your activity level on the slopes, the ideal base layers should be able to keep you dry and warm during the most intense sessions without weighing you down.

Breathability and durability

A high quality base layer has excellent breathability and plays an important role in absorbing and evaporation of sweat and water from your body. It leaves you dry and comfortable. To ensure that the material is soft against the skin and stretches easily, we use high quality fabrics for our base layers.

Base layer garments are designed to be worn under outer clothing and help protect against wind chill. They keep your body warm by reducing the rate at which you lose body warmth through conduction.

Regardless of whether you're an expert skier or a total beginner, all thermal undergarments include a variety of benefits and advantages depending on what you're looking for. Montec's base layers are made with a thick mixture of high quality spandex to keep you feeling warm, dry and comfortable on the coldest winter day.

Find your size and fit

We have sizes from xx-small to x-large, and we have basic colour schemes such as black and white, as well as bright-coloured options such as the Arctic Camo and Komber.

Browse through the latest baselayer collection for women

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