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Women's Ski Gloves

Find popular ski gloves or mittens models for women at Montec

There's no getting around the fact that a high-performing pair of ski gloves or mittens for women are essential for a successful trip. That's why Montec offers a large variety of women's mittens and gloves, so you can find the perfect pair to complete your skiing outfit.

Key features for winter sports

When you're out skiing, you want to ensure that you're properly prepared so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about cold and numb fingers. To do that, you'll need a good, functional set of gloves or mittens. They need to be waterproof and breathable, they need to keep your hands warm and dry, and they need to fit comfortably.

Some of Montec's ski and snowboarding mitts offer longer cuffs to help keep the snow out, while many of the glove styles have shorter cuffs, allowing you to fit them comfortably under your sleeves.

Ski gloves: tech aspects, colour and sizes

To prevent moisture from seeping into your glove or mitt, we use a water-resistant and breathable membrane which lets sweat from your hands evaporate out through the material, while not letting any snow or water from the outside seep in. That way your hands and fingers stay dry and warm even when you're out in wet, snowy conditions and you're pushing yourself on your skis.

In our online shop, you can find ski mittens and gloves for women in sizes ranging from XS to XL. It's important that you pick the correct size for your hand so that your gloves don't feel too tight or loose when you're wearing them.

We offer mitts and gloves in traditional colours like black, white and grey but also in bright colours such as pink, yellow, green and orange. Pick your favourite and complete your ski look in style.

This is an age-old question in the skiing industry and the truth is, there is no correct answer. It mostly comes down to personal preference as there are pros and cons to both a glove or a mitten. All of Montec's women's ski mitts and gloves feature reinforced palms, making them sturdy and robust and giving you great grip on your poles.

5 finger gloves offer better dexterity as you can move your fingers independently, which is useful if you want to adjust your gear without taking your gloves off. On the flip-side mitts are better at keeping your fingers warm, since they're all in the same compartment so it's easier to keep the heat in. But at the end of the day, both options can work well and provide the type of comfort you're after.

Find the best model at Montec

You'll find a huge selection of high-quality ski gear in Montec's online store, including ski gloves and mittens for women in stylish colours that match the rest of our gear. Order them easily and enjoy free delivery and free returns on all products as well as a helpful customer experience team that's always available if you have any questions.