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Montec Scope Ski Goggle Black W/Black Tourmaline Green

Product Information

A new addition to the Montec lineup this year, the Scope goggles are a minimalist cylindrical-style goggle designed to suit every rider and situation.

Available in both medium and large sizes to accommodate all face shapes and styles, we’ve crafted them with lots of thoughtful design and packed them full of tech to make those long mountain days a breeze. With a slick lens-lock system that makes swapping lenses on the fly a cinch, and silicone-backed non-slip interchangeable straps, you can customise these goggles however you like and have a new combo ready for every situation.

• Dual-Layer Flat Lenses: An outer and inner lens create a sealed vacuum, which not only eliminates fogging, but also provides maximised light diffusion to reduce glare in bright sunlight.
• 100% UV Protection: Our goggles offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.
• Scratch Resistant Lens Treatment: We treat our goggles with a special scratch resistant material for extended longevity.
• Hyper-Flexible TPU Frame: Injection molded TPU frame provides superior comfort and fit, as well as better energy dispersal on impact. Which means our goggles don’t snap!
• Triple-Layer Triple-Density Foam: Triple layer foam is soft and breathable for the ultimate all-day wearing experience.
• Fully Vented: Equipped with our advanced venting system, air circulates freely, keeping you fog and sweat free!

VLT/Lens Guide
10-15% - Champagne, Blue, Black: Perfect for bluebird days.
18% - Green: Great for sunny and bright overcast days.
25% - Red: Ideal for changeable sunny and overcast days and everyday wear.
65-70% - Pink: Designed for low and flat-light conditions.

Montec Scope Ski Goggle Black W/Black Tourmaline Green
Black W/Black Tourmaline Green
One Size