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Discover men’s ski masks

Prepare yourself for any weather the mountain has to offer with Montec’s men’s ski masks. When the mercury drops, you’ll thank your ski mask for keeping your face warm, cozy, and snow-free while you keep shredding and hitting those fresh lines !

Characteristics of an excellent ski mask

What makes an excellent ski mask? That’s a great question, and luckily the answer is quite simple. A great ski mask needs to be moisture-wicking, warm, and lightweight - helping keep your face warm and dry while you enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Style and Functionality

A ski mask is a critical piece of the puzzle - it essentially protects your skin from harsh winter conditions allowing you to hit the slopes comfortably all day long. Montec has both neck warmers and full-face ski masks to give you maximum versatility and protection.


All of Montec’s men’s ski masks are water-resistant, allowing you to stay dry no matter how many flakes hit your face!


Montec’s men’s full-face ski masks have a vent panel at the mouth to help keep the moisture out and recycled fleece to help you stay cozy and warm.


As you increase in elevation and atmospheric pressure decreases, it becomes colder and colder. Montec’s men’s ski masks will protect you from frostbites and keep your face protected no matter which summit you reach.

Colours and sizes that suit all

One size fits all, Montec’s men’s ski masks offer you a wide range of color options from black to yellow and everything in between for you to choose from.

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