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Women's Ski Base Layers

Discover women's base layers

Are you looking for women's high-quality base layers? If you are, you've come to the right place! Our goal at Montec is to deliver state-of-the-art winter gear that can withstand any temperatures thrown your way. Montec's women's skiing and snowboarding baselayer provide an unbeatable style and technical features that are sure to keep you warm and cozy when you're out on the slopes. Check out our latest long sleeve women's base layer tops and leggings, lightweight fabric and get ready for your snow adventures this season.

Excellent base layer

Often overlooked, base layers should be as important as having an excellent pair of gloves and socks. Since base layer and thermal tops and bottoms are in direct contact with your skin and play an important role in controlling the temperature of your body, it's important base layer sets have a high rating in terms of breathability and warmth.

Stylish and functional

At the end of the day, there's ultimately three distinct functionalities to look for when shopping for an outstanding base layer: quick-drying and moisture-wicking capabilities, and the feeling they have against your skin. It doesn't matter your activity on the mountain. Skiing, snowboarding, on the piste or in the backcountry, the perfect ski underwear should keep you dry and warm even during the most intense sessions.

Breathable and durable baselayers for women

High-quality base layer have outstanding moisture-wicking functionalities and play a significant role in managing your body's moisture. Top-quality base layers are able to absorb and evaporate that sweat and moisture produced by your body, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Best materials for skiing and winter sports

It's essential that materials are soft on the skin and stretchy, to leave you free of moving and trying all your tricks on skis. The optimal fit of our base layer from the women's ski underwear collections ensures the maximum comfort all day long.

Base layers reduce the speed at which you lose body heat, which is why they're so important to have when it's cold out. By being compressed to your skin, base layers that have excellent breathability functionalities keep your body warm and dry throughout the day.

Our selection

It doesn't matter if you're an avid skier or a first time skier, all baselayer sets come with several different benefits and suitabilities depending on your needs. Montec's ski base layers are made with a thick blend of high quality spandex and polyester to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable on cold winter days.

Ski baselayer and underwear: women's sizes and fit

We offer a size range from xx-small to x-large, and ranging from simple colors such as black and light gray to vibrant designs and patterns such as the arctic camo and komber gold, Montec has developed baselayer styles and colors that suit all.

Discover the new collection from Montecwear online shop

Find our base layer of new arrivals from the women's collection. Thermal tops and bottoms, for a casual but highly functional look, only the best materials to ensure top performance regardless of the weather.