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Discover ski gloves for women from Montec

With warm, resistant, and stylish women's ski mittens and gloves for you to choose from, you're sure to find that right pair that will be able to stand up to whatever obstacles you throw their way. Shop Montec's women's skiing gloves and mittens online securely and easily.

Essential features and characteristics

As magnificent Mother Nature is, we all know how unpredictable she may be. When you're out to ski touring or freestyling on the slopes around the mountain, you need to be well-equipped with an excellent pair of skiing gloves for women. I'm sure you've probably skied with cold and humid hands and fingers before... we all know how unpleasant it is and how easily it can ruin your day. Waterproofing, high breathability, insulation type, and fit are the main characteristics you should be looking for while shopping for your next womens ski gloves or mitten model.

What to look for when looking for the best ski gloves

Women's ski mitt or glove? That's entirely up to you! In any case, your hands should have complete freedom of movement and feel comfortable while on skis all day. Montec's women's mittens and gloves have long gauntlet-style cuffs that allow them to be more effective at sealing the snow, while ski gloves for women have a shorter cuff design, making them perfect for wearing under your ski jacket's sleeves.

Womens ski mittens and gloves: waterproofing and breathability

To avoid water from soaking up your glove or mitten, Montec's women's ski glove and mitten models have a water-resistant and breathable membrane. This membrane allows the moisture created by your overheating hand to escape, enabling your hands to stay dry and warm all day long. Water resistance is an essential feature for a ski glove. A ski glove or mitten made of waterproof and breathable materials, offers you great protection against cold weather and wet conditions so that you can enjoy your winter adventures in complete comfort.

Choosing between women's ski mitten and glove models

All of Montec's ski mitten and snow glove designs for women come with reinforced palms, making them sturdy and durable. A ski glove or snow mitten for women comes with different insulation and warmth properties, depending on the weather conditions you're going to find, you pick the gloves which suit your needs.

Choosing between women's ski mitten and glove models

Wrist leashes are found on women's ski mittens make sure you never have to lose them again, and gloves come with Velcro fasteners so you can adjust them to your preference. Slide them on, and you're ready for anything the mountain has to offer!

Whether skiing in the backcountry or in the resort, the right skiing glove or snow mitt are essential accessories to fully enjoy your skiing sessions.

From ski gloves for women with soft and stretch liners, for a nice and comfortable fit, to snow mitts made of warmer material with high-tech synthetic insulation to keep your hands warm even when temperatures drop.

Color and sizing

Our brand offers snow gloves and mittens for women in different sizes, colors and shapes. Check out the full women's collection and if you have questions about the size, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our womens ski mitts and winter gloves sizes range from x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large to perfectly suit your hands.It's important you choose the right size, to feel so that your fingers don't feel too tight or loose.

Ski gloves and mittens for women also come in a variety of colors such as black, white, pink, Atlantic green, and even orange to fit your style. Select your favorite size, color, glove / mitten model and get your ski gear ready for a new snow season.

Top quality from Montec

At Montecwear online shop, you'll find a huge selection of women's gloves and mitts to match the rest of your ski clothing and equipment. Check new arrivals and stay tuned for the new drops; order your new women's skiing gloves comfortably from home, shipping and returns are free.

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