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Ski pants for men from Montec: all you need for your winter adventures

Whether you're looking for downhill, or freestyle men's ski bibs and pants, Montec's got you covered this season. At Montec, our mission is to offer state-of-the-art skiing gear that can withstand any temperatures, and adventures, the Great Outdoors have to offer. Shop innovative, technical, and functional ski pants and bibs today.

Characteristics: which are the most important for winter sports

Choosing an excellent pair of ski pants or bibs all depends on the type of skiing you prefer. If you're a downhill enthusiast, you'll most likely go for a hard-shell insulated pair of pants.

If you're an avid backcountry skier you'll most likely go for softshell or hybrid pants for improved range of motion and breathability, a little bit more insulated to keep you warm and comfortable all day skiing on the mountain.

Discover Montec's wide range of mens snow pants and bibs for skiing and find the perfect pair that'll brave any Winter adventures with you.

Style and functionality

At Montec, you'll find a vast collection of high-quality men's bibs and classic pants, and you should never compromise functionality for style. Through creative and innovative designs, Montec has created durable and practical men's regular and bib pants, that offer protection from the elements and that'll last a lifetime. Select your favorite pant to match the rest of your gear and equipment, and get ready for the snow season.


Most of today's snow pants have a waterproof rating ranging from 5,000mm to 20,000mm. These measures indicate the amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand. The higher the rating, the more ideal it'll be for avid skiers and touring enthusiasts. Whether a pro or a beginner, your pant or bib should always have a good rating waterproof, to keep you dry all day on the slopes.


Alpine touring and all-day riding can be extremely physically demanding, and that's when the importance of a highly breathable pant comes in. If you do a lot of high energy skiing, you're most likely to break out a solid sweat - regardless of how cold it is. Having a high breathable ski pant or bib means you'll be able to release unnecessary body heat and stay cool, comfortable, and dry throughout the day without getting wet. Ventilation zippers are also a vital feature when you need some extra air.

Models and designs

More than just pants, Montec marries style and functionality to give you the absolute best pair of snow pants. With us, you'll find a vast selection of ski pants and bibs. You'll be able to choose between a pant or bib with or without insulation, made with stretch fabrics to leave your legs all the freedom of movement they need. You can also opt for a mens bib pants, which will offer you maximum comfort and it'll be water resistant even in case of a fall.

Our models come with different features according to their design, such as snow models with many pockets to store your essential items, a men's bib pant with a front pocket for extra storage, with zip vents in mesh for that extra air during your intense sessions.

Colors and sizes that suit all

Men's sizing range from xxs to xl, with vibrant or dark colors and baggy to tight fits, Montec has built models to withstand any adventure. You can match a pant or bib with the rest of your skiing clothing, or choose a pant / bib with contrasting colors and patterns. Choose your size and favorite color, and if you need expert advice when buying, our customer support team is always here to help.
Whether you go backcountry for some powder adventures, or you decide to stay in the resort area to enjoy skiing on the pistes, with Montec's men's snow pants and bibs you'll find many different options that suit all your needs in terms of warmth, fit, and high tech specs.

Discover Montec new ski pant and bibs collections

Check out our online shop and discover the wide range of ski clothing and accessories; high-quality men's ski gear with different designs, cut, features and specs. Check the new arrivals and choose the best ski pant or bib that suits your needs, for a winter of fun and adventure.

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