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Repair. Renew. Reuse. Renewed is a collection of refurbished products that we’ve inspected, mended and restored so they’re ready for action again.

Welcome to the Montec Renewed section! Montec renewed is an exciting new initiative that focuses on sustainability and the reduction of waste by taking defective product and those which would have otherwise been thrown away, and gives them a new lease on life. Our production team carefully fixes and restores our renewed products to their original, factory-perfect condition, and then offers them at a discounted rate. Whether it’s a slight patten misprint or a seam issue, we ensure that all the gear that we offer for purchase lives up to the same standard that all our Montecwear customers deserve to enjoy. Montec Renewed is a project of passion and we’re so excited to pass along savings and opportunities to join the Montec family to you! Check out our selection and find yourself the perfect, more-sustainable piece of Montec gear today.