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Women's Ski Gloves

Discover ski gloves and mittens for women at

At Montecwear, we offer a range of stylish and functional ski gloves and mittens for women. Whether you're a seasoned skier or just starting out, you're sure to find the perfect products to keep your hands warm and protected on the slopes and in the backcountry.

Key features

When skiing, having a reliable glove or a mitten is essential. Look for a glove with waterproofing, high breathability, insulating material, and a comfortable fit. Our gloves feature a longer gauntlet design that seals better under your jacket sleeves, keeping your hands dry and comfortable at all times. The mitten design offers additional warmth by keeping fingers together, providing extra protection in colder conditions.

Stay warm and dry with Montec's ski gloves, which feature a waterproof and breathable membrane to prevent your hands from overheating. This membrane allows for moisture to evaporate, keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout your ski session. For added warmth, consider adding a liner to your gloves, providing an extra layer of protection.

No matter what winter activity you have planned, Montec has you covered with a range of gloves, ski mittens, and products. From wrist leashes to keep your gloves in place to soft and stretchy linings, our women's glove and mitt collection is designed for all types of winter sports. Choose from a variety of technical features, including synthetic insulating properties, to keep your hands warm and protected while on the slopes.

Womens stylish and size-inclusive options

Find the perfect pair of ski gloves or mitten models in various styles, colours, and protection levels at Montecwear. With sizes ranging from XS to XL, you're sure to find the perfect fit. Choose from classic black, white, pink, and even bright orange to match your personal style and backcountry adventures.

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Find a wide range of womens ski gloves and mitts at Montecwear's online shop. Browse our latest arrivals and get ready for an amazing ski season filled with warmth, protection, and style.