Privacy Policy

Montecwear is a brand under Ridestore AB and it’s important for us at Ridestore that you feel safe when shopping with us. Therefore, we want to inform you of how we use your information and what your rights are when visiting or shopping from our website or application. :) 

  • You’re safe with us - We protect your data so that no one unauthorized can access it.
  • Direct and easy communication - We strive to provide all information in a way that you understand. You can always reach us if you have any questions regarding how we manage your data or if you have any other questions at all! :)
  • You’re in control - You always have the right to decline newsletters or object to how your data is used
  • Get what you want - The data that we collect about you (with your permission) is only used to optimize your shopping experience with us.
  • Nothing extra is saved - We only keep the information that is necessary to fulfill our part of the deal and to comply with legislation.

Data Protection Policy

It is important for us at Montec that you feel safe when shopping with us. We respect your rights and do our best to protect your personal information. In the following text, you can read about how and why your information is used so that you can monitor your rights. :)

By completing a purchase you accept the terms of our Data Protection Policy. It is therefore important that you read and understand what it involves and what your rights are. If you have any questions at all about our Data Protection Policy (or about anything else), you can always reach us at

What information do we collect?

We use information about you so that you can have the best possible shopping experience. Below you can read more about the information that we use and why.

Name & contact information

That is, the information that you provide us at the time of a purchase or that you yourself provide when contacting us…

  • Name, delivery address, phone number, and email address
  • Products you have purchased in both current and previous orders

…As well as the information that we receive about you when you visit our website or by completing a purchase.

  • Payment information - Which payment method you have chosen as well as if the payment is completed or not.
  • Information that you share when browsing our website or using our app. This includes your IP address and what type of device you are using as well as your location, if permission has been given, and how you use the website or app.

The information that you give us is necessary so that we can take part in an agreement with you. All other information that we collect about you is necessary to be able to optimize your experience with us and for you to receive the best possible service. The basis for this is outlined below:

Name and contact information

Name, phone number, address details and email address.

How we use your information Why
We deliver your order To fulfill the agreement between us - that is, deliver the product you have ordered! :)
We send a text message and email with your order confirmation and delivery information To fulfill the agreement between us by informing you that your order is received or on its way.
We save your order history To fulfill the agreement between us regarding the return policy and the right to a flawless product as well as to provide customer service.
We save your phone number in the login system To fulfill the agreement between us that you should be able to login to manage your order and book returns.
We send information about new products and campaigns Eligible interest - To keep you updated about new products. You can of course decline this at any time!
We send a request for purchase and product review Eligible interest - We want to ensure that everything is as it should be with the product in addition to being able to offer you and other customers a better understanding of our products.
We save your purchasing information To be able to follow legislation, such as for accounting.
We protect you and ourselves from fraud and abuse of your information Eligible interest - to prevent and detect fraud towards you or us.

Payment information

We use PayPals’s checkout service to offer you a safe and secure payment process when ordering products. In cooperation with PayPal, we receive certain information about your payment in order to administer the purchase.

How we use your information Why
We see which payment method you have chosen and if the order has received payment or not To fulfill the agreement between us - To be able to deliver a product, we must know if we have received payment.

Device information

Information that you share with us when browsing our website or when using our app. This includes your IP-address and which type of device you’re using. If permission has been given, it additionally includes your location and how you use the website or app. This is all collected through cookies. You can at any time choose to not accept cookies by changing the settings on your computer.

How we use your information Why
We find out what you and other customers like Eligible interest - To be able to show and offer what you specifically could be interested in
We use your device information as an IP address Eligible interest - To make sure that we don’t confuse you with other users, for example when you chat with us.
We use your geographical location (if you’ve approved this). Eligible interest - To get your location information so that we can save your language and currency preference when you visit our site.
We follow the information on how you use our site or app (eg. time spent on the website and what you click on) Eligible interest - To be able to follow up on how you use our site in order to develop our website and your shopping experience so that you are always happy with us! :)
We save the products you have added to your shopping cart. To fulfill the agreement between us - So that we can sell things to you!
We show ads from Montec when you visit other websites on the internet. Eligible interest - To be able to target ads and campaigns that you like. These cookies also regulate how many times an ad is shown to you and help us monitor our marketing campaigns.
We analyse and monitor marketing campaigns through cookies Eligible interest - These cookies regulate how many times an ad has been shown to you and help us monitor our marketing campaigns.

Your discussions and chats with us

Your conversations with us through chat, email, text message or social media are saved so that we can answer your messages and offer you the best service.

How we use your information Why
We offer customer service. To be able to fulfill our agreement with you - we have promised to be there whenever you need us! :)
For training purposes In order to train our staff and offer the best possible customer service. We never save your name or other contact details for this.

You are always entitled to object to any of these points, but keep in mind that this can lead to us being unable to offer the perfect shopping experience to you with all of our services. However, it is of course up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with! :)

Who do we share your information with?

To be able to manage and complete your purchase, offer the best possible service and develop it for the future, we need to share your information with certain suppliers. We take all legal and reasonable technical measures to ensure that your data is also protected by our suppliers.

We share your information with subcontractors such as transport companies, packing services and software suppliers simply to be able to fulfill our commitments to the agreement, that is, your purchase. This is additionally done to be able to offer you the best possible service when visiting our site. If you would like to see how and why certain information is used, you can find everything in the table above :)

If necessary or requested, your information may be shared with authorities such as the police or other verified authorities.

We will never sell your personal information to any third party.

We also use certain parts of your information, such as the size of the ordered product or information you’ve provided about a product, to enable data analysis, improve our website and application, as well as to develop new, better products, and provide an optimal range on the website. These details are always anonymous and cannot be traced back to you. Anonymous information can be shared with a third party.

Your data and countries outside of Europe

Your data is saved and managed mainly within the EU/EES area. It may happen that your data is treated by an actor outside of the EU/EES area. In these cases, we will of course make sure that you benefit from the same protection as in the EU/EES. We take all legal and technical measures to ensure that these operators manage your data in a manner that is in accordance with the Data Protection law.


If you have given approval, we will send information about offers and news to you by email. You can at any time decline this by clicking the link at the end of every email or by contacting us on our chat or at

Storage of data

We only save your data as long as it is necessary due to contract, legitimate interest, consent or because of law. The data we collect in accordance with current legislation is only saved as long as it is necessary to fulfill the legal obligation. The information we collect for reasons other than contract or law, you always have the right to request it be deleted.

Your rights with us

You are in control over how your data will be managed

  • You have the right to be informed of how we manage your personal data.
  • You always have the right to receive a copy of the information we have of you free of charge.
  • You also have the right to correct any inaccurate information about you in addition to the right to delete information from our systems that is no longer necessary for the purpose in which it was collected.
  • You are also entitled to withdraw your consent from newsletters or anything you have given your consent to.
  • You have the right to complain to the regulatory authority if we handle your information incorrectly.

The information that we save to comply with our contractual obligations or other legal obligations must be saved for a certain period of time. Therefore we cannot delete all information immediately, however, we can limit the information so that it’s only used for legal or contractual purposes.


We use cookies on our website to optimize your experience with us. More information regarding our use of cookies can be found here.

Changes in how we manage your data

We will inform you if any significant changes are made to our policy of how we manage your data.

About our responsibility

Ridestore AB is responsible for your personal data and is responsible for ensuring that the data protection law is followed under the terms above. If you have any questions or concerns about data protection and how we work with it, our team is happy to answer all of your questions at

The data protection representative at Ridestore AB is Salla Hiekkanen.

Ridestore AB is registered at the Swedish Company Registration Office with the organisational number 556706-1238.

Updated 22.5.2020