About old backup

Montec is a snow brand created with and for the riders.

The company behind Montec is Ridestore, a Swedish online outdoor store that started over 10 years ago. We got frustrated since our customers had many great ideas, but other brands seemed not to listen. We decided to start Montec, to serve our customers. We do this by empowering the creativity, ideas, and performance directly from our bosses: the customers.

By diving deep in the snow world, we have created Montec first snow collection with all-weather apparel that supports your adventures in the most demanding conditions.

We only work with the best material & technologies to create high-end products that will last for a lifetime.

All this without the hefty price tag of traditional high-end brands. We can do this because we have removed all middlemen by building and selling our products directly to YOU.

We have a lot of respect for the good old snow brands, but we think that many aspects can be done better. We believe the key is to open up all areas of the brand and let the customers take part in the decision-making process, as much as possible.

We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you and start creating together! All ideas, feedback, suggestion are not just welcomed. They're needed. Please get in touch with us here and let’s create Montec TOGETHER! 👊